Voyzu allows you to maintain a central list of labels that are common to all your shared contacts. Changes that you make to contact labels in Voyzu will be replicated to all users participating in contact sharing - meaning your domain will have a common set of labels. These labels can be used as you wish, for example as contact sub-lists within your master shared contact list, and for mail merges and so on.

So you can easily distinguish Voyzu shared labels from your personal contact labels, labels in Voyzu always start with the hash (#) character. The #voyzu shared label is a system label containing all your shared contacts, and cannot be deleted or re-named.

Note that as with all contact management functionality in Voyzu, changes are one-way only. Any label changes that you make in Google contacts will be ignored, make all contact changes in Voyzu. Label changes you make in Voyzu will generally be applied to your synchronizing users within a few seconds. If you have a large number of users and/or contacts then changes may take some minutes before they are applied to all users.

Viewing contacts by label

If you want to see a list of contacts that have a particular label applied, go to your Google Contacts and click on the label.