This page shows a list (updated every hour) of all your Google Workspace domain users. On this screen you can choose which users you want to replicate the master Voyzu contacts list to. Users you are replicating contacts to will have a #voyzu shared label created in their Google contacts automatically and that label will contain all contacts in your Voyzu contacts master list.

Access to voyzu
  • Any user participating in contact replication can log in to Voyzu
  • Domain administrators (super admins) can always log into Voyzu
  • Only Domain administrators can manage users (i.e. see the Users screen)
Default settings

When you first install Voyzu all users (up to a limit of 50 unless you have purchased a high volume plan) will have replication turned on. By default any new domain users created after you installed Voyzu will have replication enabled. You can change replication defaults for new users in ‘Settings’ which can be accessed via the cog icon on the top right of the application.