This page gives you step by step instructions on how to import contacts from a text (e.g. CSV) file

Voyzu allows you to import contacts from one of your Google Contacts labels. If the contacts you want to add to Voyzu are not in your Google contacts you will need to first import them into Google contacts, and then import them in Voyzu. Here are step by step instructions on how to do this:

1. Establish a Google Contacts template file

Google Contacts will only allow you to import contacts in a specific format, with the standard contact column headings. The easiest way to get a blank file in this format is to select a contact or contact label in your Google contacts and export it.

This will create a file containing the contact you exported, and more importantly the column headings you need.

2. Populate the spreadsheet

Open this file and add the contacts data you need to.

3. Upload the spreadsheet

Upload the spreadsheet to Google contacts.

Click the ‘Import’ button in Google contacts. Note you do not need to apply a label at this point. Do not apply the #voyzu shared label to these imported contacts

A new label will automatically be created to hold the imported contacts

You will be asked if you want to check for duplicates, this is good practice unless you are sure your file has no duplicate entries.

4. Import contacts into Voyzu

Finally log in to Voyzu Shared Contacts and click ‘Import’ in the top menu. Select the Google Contact label that holds your imported contacts and click on ‘Import Contacts’. All contacts in the label will be imported into your Voyzu master list, and added to all your domain users who particpate in contact sharing.

Optional: View imported contacts

If you want to see which contacts were imported in a particular import this can be done in two steps. Firstly click on ‘view import history’ to show a list of all your imports. Copy the import id to the clipboard

The second step is to go to the ‘contacts’ screen in voyzu and paste this value into the search box. All contact imported this this batch will be shown.